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This Fairy Tale Village in Asia Has the World’s Longest Hair

December 09, 2021 2 min read

Red Yao Village

Most visitors that come to China know of a place called Guilin, but have you heard about the small town of Longji about 3.5 hours north? Yao Secret has been fortunate enough to visit the Red Yao and their extraordinary village on a number of occasions. In this special report, we'll try and paint an outline for you, so that you can get an idea of what the daily life of these remarkable women is like. 

Red Yao Chinese House

Meet Our Hosts

Our hosts for this visit were Bao Hua and her daughter Hai Li. Two very charming ladies who are well-known in the community. Bao Hua is a traditional Yao woman in most senses and she's meticulous in maintaining the Yao minority's customs.

Hua spends much of her time stitching garments for relatives, cooking, maintaining the cleanliness of the house, promoting haircare rituals, and most importantly taking care of her adorable grandson. Hai Li is passionate about her Red Yao roots, but she's also a modern lady and loves sharing her ancient culture through pictures and videos on her social media.

Red Yao Women Longji

A Day in The Life

Although our hosts lead very busy lives, they were extremely hospitable. For these ladies, a typical day starts at 6 a.m.

For Bao, she wears lets her hair loose at night for sleeping, so first thing in the morning she combs her locks into a protective hairstyle, secured with a wooden comb. 
Village House
(Our room for the duration of our stay.)
  • Breakfast is usually a bowl of Mifen, a local specialty of slow-boiled rice noodles, topped with peanuts and scallions. Bao often prepares breakfast for her grandson while Li is running some morning errands.
  • At 10 o'clock, it's time for the Long Hair Show, a stage performance starring local ladies of the community, parading their long hair and dancing to folk songs. And who's featured in this show? Why of course it's Hai Li. 
  • By Midday, the show has ended. Li poses for some pictures with tourists and then returns home to run the family business of selling Embroidered items, jewelry, and most importantly, her family's homemade rice water.
  • After a day of trading, Both Li and Hua offer their hair-washing services to local members of the community, while Qi Qi plays with his grandfather. 
  • At 6 pm it's time for us and the family to gather together for dinner. Tonight's feast contains a lot of stewed greens, boiled rice, and tofu two ways: soft-boiled, and stuffed. For snacks, we had some steamed whole corn, roasted chestnuts, and freshly picked passion fruit.

Red Yao LifestyleWe have to say we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Hua residence. We not only got a unique insight into the daily lives of these amazing people, but they also left a deep impression on us with their generosity. 

We are really looking forward to our next visit! What would you like to know about our trips to the Longji village? Leave a comment below and we'll see if we can cover it in our future posts!

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