4 Ways to Bring Out the Natural Beauty of Your Curls

January 30, 2022 3 min read

Defined Curls

So, you’ve decided you want to embrace your natural curls, but you have absolutely no idea where to start? Well, you’ve visited the right place!

It can be a daunting task to begin styling curly hair when you’ve been straightening it most of your life, not to mention the shelves are stocked high with different curling mouses to cremes and enhancers, it can get a little overwhelming.

In times like this, it’s best to strip it all the way back down and begin with the basics, in this blog we’ll help you with simple tips you can begin applying to start you on your journey. 

Your Styling Tools

The first step is to take a deeper look into the tools you’re using. Although there are so many different curl patterns, it’s generally recommended to avoid regular combs which tight closed teeth for all curl types. This sort of tool can lead to unnecessary tension which will result in hair loss.

Wooden Comb Set

Instead, opt for wide-tooth combs, the wide spaces allow the brush to glide through the hair to untangle it with minimum hair loss. We propose our handmade wooden wide-tooth comb as an excellent option.

In fact, wooden combs are far superior to plastic combs, not only are they much better for the environment, but plastic combs often lead to frizzy and staticky hair.  Wooden combs on the other hand are much more gentle on the scalp and hair, you can even use a wooden comb to massage your scalp to stimulate circulation which will help with hair growth.

Styling Creams

Next, is choosing styling creams that are kinder for your hair. Most products are loaded with bad ingredients and it’s important to be aware of what these ingredients are to prevent damaged hair. For instance, sulfates are known to dry out hair which is particularly harmful for curly hair as it can lead to a brittle and limp texture.

Alternatively, we suggest a DIY styling cream! This means you’ll be absolutely aware of every ingredient you’ll be using so you can actively avoid poor ingredients, besides it is a much more cost-effective choice.

An Easy Recipe  

Mix together shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel. All you’ll need is two tablespoons with equal parts of each product, the best part is how effortlessly you’ll be able to find these items, pop into your local supermarket and they’ll be sure to be there.

Hair Curling Cream

They’re easy to store too (just keep it away from direct sunlight) and it should last for a month, you won’t have to be concerned about it expiring or going bad since there isn’t any fresh food included either.

The shea and coconut butter act as excellent hydrators while the aloe vera works as a styling gel to keep your curls defined and in place, which makes it an incredible styling product that’s good for your hair too.

Your Pillowcase

You’re probably a little unconfident in maintaining your curly hair, especially when you wake up in the morning and your hair’s all clumped together from rolling around in your sleep.To stop your hair from doing this we think it’s a great idea to consider wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or supplementing your cotton pillowcase for a silk one.

Silk Pillowcase

This material is excellent as it doesn’t absorb the natural hair oils your scalp produces, while the cotton will, which can result in it becoming brittle and prone to breakage. Rather silk allows your hair to glide around, preventing it from being tangled up and in knots the next morning. 

Spray, Spray, Spray!

Another tip for your curly hair which will help it stop appearing flat and lifeless on the third or fourth day is to put some water in a spray bottle and spray it into the roots of your hair.

Then take your fingertips and gently massage it, flipping your hair side to side and giving it a little shake will definitely revitalize your hair and make it look like it’s on its first day. You can even add some conditioner to the bottle which will act as a moisturizer for the hair in case it looks slightly dry.

Hair Water Spray

These simple steps are excellent for all types of curl patterns which will keep your hair looking bouncy and in tip-top condition.

Think of these steps as a beginner guide, or an introduction to a hair care regimen that will break the stereotypes that curly hair is difficult to manage.

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