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Inversion Method: Stimulate Hair Growth Through Massages

February 21, 2022 3 min read


What if we told you that 5 minutes a day is all you need to achieve longer hair? Well, there's a method that claims just that, it's called 'The Inversion method.' This technique is supposed to be great for hair growth, but just how effective is it?

What is The Inversion Method?

The inversion hair method claims to be a hair growth acceleration process that will grow your hair up to 2 inches in just one month! The method includes hanging your head upside down to increase and maximize blood flow to the scalp, it is said that this act will help hair growth as blood is rich in nutrients which is essential for hair growth.

Some even go to the lengths of doing headstands or handstands. The reality is, despite these crazy methods there’s no research that can absolutely prove this phenomenon to be true. However, there is confirmation that scalp massages can aid with fast-progressing hair growth. Use the tips of your fingers to apply gentle pressure to the scalp in a circular motion to stimulate nerve endings, muscles, and vessels which will encourage hair growth. Coupled with essential oils like rosemary which is backed by scientific evidence and is known to promote hair growth. Keep reading to find out if the inversion method can really work…

Woman Laying Upside-Down

How to: 

This method originates from the internet where it was once a huge trend, here’s how it works. The most popular option is to simply bend forward and relax your neck to allow your hair to hang downwards. To elevate its effects, you can utilize essential oils to massage into your scalp. With clean hair and fingers, pour a few drops in the palm of your hand, remember to dilute the oil as it can be a little strong. When massaging switch back and forth between clockwise and anticlockwise for a recommended time of 5 minutes.

Another popular practice is by using a chair. While you’re sitting down, spread your legs apart and place your head in between your knees. Throw all of your hair over your head below your heart, and again continue this position for 5 minutes. Remember, if at any point you begin to feel any pain, discomfort, or dizziness please stop immediately. Slowly lift your head up to avoid a sudden rush of blood and replicate this method once a day for one week every month.

Scalp Massage

Preserving Your Hair's Health

While trying out different hair routines, it’s still important your basics are in order. This means making sure the health of your hair is in tip-top condition. From eating the best protein-rich food like omegas 3 and eggs to ensuring you’re using the right kind of shampoo and products for your hair. To maintain the health of your scalp, we suggest:

  • Moisturising your scalp. Treating your scalp with high-quality oils like caster can help keep your scalp healthy and moisturized to help promote hair growth.
  • Protect your scalp. If you’re somebody who often neglects to wear a hat outdoors then the skin on your scalp can be seriously harmed from the hot sun and its UV’s. Using SPF and a cap will allow your scalp to be in its best condition to optimize hair growth.
  • Exfoliate your scalp. We’ve all heard of exfoliating our body and all of its great benefits however our scalp is often neglected in turn. If you’re someone who avoids brushing or blow-drying your hair regularly then dead skin cells will build up. Mixed with sweat and sebum, it’s not uncommon for the scalp to be overwhelmed. Using an exfoliant like a coffee scrub can gently exfoliate the scalp to reveal a smoother and less burdened scalp.

The Verdict

Although there isn’t much research to suggest the inversion method is the miracle hair growth formula you’ve been searching for it can be worth a try. Besides, there is research that suggests massaging your hair with the right kind of oils can help improve and enhance your hair. Using essential oils like lavender is brilliant for aromatherapy which in exchange can help relax you into some much-needed sleep which will do wonders for your hair.

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