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Long Hair Donation

If you hopped over to our Instagram page recently, you are probably familiar with our team members. In particular, our social responsibility manager, Adebelle, is known for her infectious smile and silky, long hair. But Adebelle’s about to make a drastic change to her appearance as she’s preparing to chop off a considerable amount of hair! 

Now you’re probably thinking, why on earth would somebody decide to snip their gorgeous hair off? But what if we told you, it’s all for a good cause? 

Fewer than 50% of women have a full head of hair for their entire lives. This can be attributed to factors such as significant illness, stress, medication, and alopecia among other factors.  

A well-made wig of human hair can boost self-esteem and improve a person’s outlook on life, especially if they’ve been battling a long-term illness. Not long ago, we caught up with Adebelle to find out her motivations behind this contribution. 

Long Ponytail

“Tell Us When You Started This Tradition.” 

“I started doing this in 2013. I found out about hair donation from a few friends. One day I noticed that a friend of mine suddenly cut off her luscious, long hair, and we all later realized it was for a great cause, so soon after, I thought about trying it out myself. ”

“Where Do You Donate Your Hair? ”

“I donate my hair to ‘Recycle your hair’  a non-profit project that collects wigs for cancer patients in Singapore.

“How Many Times Have You Donated?”

“I’ve given a total of 3 ponytails in 8 years. Between 2013 and 2020 and I’m about to donate the 4th one this year. (2022.)

“Why So Many Ponytails?”

“One thing about my hair is that it’s actually really hard to find similar hair to mine to match for wig making. Apparently, my hair quality is really good and nowadays people don’t have quite the same quality of hair.

They need six ponytails to form a wig so that means six people who have similar hair color, texture, and length. From then I decided that I wanted to at least donate six ponytails or at least until my first ponytail is made into a wig.

As the years went on, I really enjoyed the change from super long hair to short hair – it gives me a new look every once in a while, which is fun to play around with. By the way, my first ponytail from back in 2013 was only recently made into a wig in December 2021.

Wig Mannequin

“Was It An Easy Decision?”

“I was hesitant at first. I never had long hair before I hit 10 and as a small little girl who dreamed about all things girly, having long hair was always something that I looked forward to.

Truth be told, my mother wouldn’t allow me to grow my hair and as reluctant as I was, I had to go for haircuts every two to three months.

At 10 years old my mum finally gave me the green light to grow my hair long. So, from all that short hair trauma, I was quite sure I was never going to cut my hair short again.

But hey, after the first haircut back in 2013, I was so happy with how well the haircut turned out to be, and I even got support and encouragement from family and friends. ”

“Are There Any Rules For Hair Recycling?”

“The hair needs to be virgin hair, which means not dyed or permed or undergone any form of chemical treatment.

Makeover Before After

“What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Wants To Donate Their Hair?”

“Hair donations are up and coming in recent years, so you could probably find a hair donation center in your area quite easily if you’re interested. If you like to see yourself in a new style, and at the same time contribute to an amazing cause,  I think you can try cutting your long hair short too!

Considering donating your hair for a good cause? Find out more about hair donation at Recycle your hair. Link bellow.

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