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COVID Hair Fall: Your Roadmap to Hair Healing

March 11, 2023 3 min read


COVID-19 took over the world just a few years ago and was one of the most dangerous viruses we have seen in modern times. Many people suffered immensely from various symptoms, but did you know hair fall was said to be among the symptoms? But how much truth is there to that assumption? Let’s explore whether COVID-19 was and remains to be a culprit behind increased hair loss, and if yes, how you can prevent and recover your hair from it. 

Covid Hair Loss

Does COVID Cause Hair Loss?

The reports show that many patients had complained about losing hair after they suffered and recovered from COVID-19. Further study into this confirms that hair shedding is a result of COVID-19, but it is nothing out of the ordinary. It is pretty common to suffer temporary hair loss after you recover from symptoms like fever or any other illnesses. COVID-19’s most prominent symptom was fever, and once you recover from that, temporary hair loss can be expected. Apart from that, having COVID-19 must be super stressful and stress is known to cause hair loss (read: hair shedding), so that may also be the reason behind your hair loss!

Why Does This Happen?

This hair shedding is called Telogen Effluvium in medical terms and it happens because 90% of your hair is in the growth phase and the rest, is in the resting phase. Now, our natural phenomenon is that the “resting” hair is shed from the follicles after 2-6 months, getting replaced by the new “growing” hair. This cycle keeps repeating.

However, when a human being goes through something stressful and suffering from COVID-19 is an extremely stressful situation, it causes the growing hair to transition into its resting phase and hence, once you start recovering from COVID-19, your hair is shed from their follicles replaced by new growing hair! It is completely normal and it lasts only about 3-6 months, so you don’t have to worry much about it, but you can combat and treat this hair loss with these few tips!

Covid Symptoms

Tips To Recover From And Combat Post-COVID Hair Loss

Boost Your Psychological Wellbeing

Your psychological well-being plays an essential part in maintaining the health of your hair. It is no secret that higher stress levels can cause immense hair loss, and even in this case, stress can only increase the hair shedding that’s already happening due to COVID-19. Try to stay calm, gather positive thoughts, and create a relaxing aura around yourself to promote the generation of anagen hair (growing phase hair) so that your

Your Nutrition Matters

Hair keeps regrowing as they shed. Whatever you eat is the food for your hair too. Taking up a nutritional diet is one way to recover from COVID-19 hair loss. Although you may feel a loss of appetite, you should still consume a well-balanced, healthy diet to keep your immune system in place and boost the regrowth of your hair. Try to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain foods, fish, low-fat dairy, and lean meat. Try to avoid sugars, processed fats, and refined carbs at all costs to maintain your body’s immune system.

Covid Nutrition

Multivitamins For Regrowth

Hair regrowth isn’t something you can achieve quickly and easily. It can be a bit daunting to reach that point, but adding some essential multivitamins to your routine can help speed up the process. Vitamin D is a great addition to promoting hair growth, and so is biotin! Try to incorporate these two into a proper routine and you’ll be surprised by how they work wonders!

Minerals For Regrowth

Zinc can be a great agent for promoting hair growth in humans– hence, you should start consuming foods rich in Zinc and use products that are concentrated with appropriate amounts of zinc.

Patience Is The Best Virtue

After all, the hair growth process is a long one and it gets better with time only. Patience is the best thing you can have for the hair loss phase because it stops with time and then only you can start the regrowth treatment.

Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain!

Final Thoughts

While studies show that hair loss is a possible effect of COVID-19, it is mostly related to the stress levels caused by that virus. Try to stay calm and positive for minimal hair loss, and you’ll be fine!

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