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Can Grey Hair Be Reversed? Tips to Turn Back the Clock

January 25, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment


The first strand of grey hair is always followed by dread and panic, it’s a reminder that with every exciting birthday, we are inevitably getting older. It’s only natural to want to stop this process, especially if you’re still pretty young. It might even feel like your world is caving in, gearing into panic mode, and resorting to crazy techniques like ripping the grey hairs out of your scalp. But those are just temporary fixes, that same grey hair is sure to pop right back up next month.

Before resorting to quick fixes, it’s important to analyze why you’re greying in the first place. Yes, a lot of that is down to age and genetics but have you ever considered how your lifestyle choices and hair routine are affecting how soon your hair begins to grey? Premature greying is a huge issue, it’s easy to underestimate how our bad decisions can speed up that process, in this article we’ll be exploring solutions to not only prevent grey hair but to stop it in its tracks.

Hair Care Regiment 

The Red Yao women and their hair regiment are an excellent example to follow! These women have been blessed with gorgeous long hair that doesn’t turn white, with a particular routine and an excellent diet they’ve been able to swat away the greys. The Red Yao women have lived in the mountains of China in a village named the Huanglo for thousands of years. Their name originates from their beautiful red traditional clothing worn at festive events. Not only is their hair long but it’s in excellent condition too. For starters, they wash their hair with fermented rice water.

Red Yao Woman in Rice Fields

You might have come across this trend through a TikTok or YouTube video, but this technique has been around for hundreds of years and the Red Yao women are the originators! Rice water is an excellent tool for avoiding premature grey hair, equipped with minerals, amino acids, and vitamins like vitamins C and D fermented rice water allows your scalp to absorb the nutrients that are essential for healthy hair, to prevent premature greying as well as making hair stronger and shiner. 

On our site, we offer fermented rice water shampoo bars that amplify what rice water can already do. The fermentation increases the number of antioxidants and nutrients present in the rice water which is excellent for greying hair. Our product is also organic which has a way better effect result than shampoos that are full of nasties that can contribute to the breakdown of your hair. If you need a little more TLC then opt for our fermented rice water conditioner bar which can be used as a brilliant hair mask, to both soften and condition the hair while the protein in the rice water builds back its strength.

Balanced Diet


Diet also plays a huge role in early greying, a poor diet can hinder the body’s ability to create melanin, which accelerates grey hair. Being deficient in key nutrients like folate and B12 can lead to exactly this, so you must eat a balanced diet that incorporates food like dairy, meats, and fortified cereal.

Stress Levels 

Another way you can reverse the onset of grey hair is by managing stress levels. Experiencing high levels of stress can encourage the greying of your hair this is because stress can affect the melanocyte of the stem cells which is responsible for the pigment of your hair. However, research has found that this can be reversed! Implementing obstacles to tackle stress like getting enough sleep at night or practicing relaxation techniques will allow hair to regain its original colour. Even spending time with friends and family and doing what you love will lower your levels of stress to give your hair enough time to recover.



Other factors such as smoking can also stir up grey hair. It has a similar effect on hair as a stress reaction. As well as producing free radicals induced by the smoke which damages the melanin cells in charge of hair pigmentation. By avoiding smoking areas and breaking that habit if you have it, will stop the production of additional grey hair. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but beginning with nicotine replacement therapy is a start. The arrival of grey hair can feel terrifying but by applying these tips shared in this article you’ll have a much greater chance at halting new grey hair and reversing the ones you might already have.

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Shauna Islas
Shauna Islas

September 02, 2023

Recipe for hair

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