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Fabulous at 50 and Beyond : Why Long Hair Is Here to Stay!

April 06, 2023 3 min read 1 Comment


Have you always dreamed of having long, beautiful locks? Did you feel pressured into snipping your hair when you were about to turn 50? Well, times are certainly changing! The days of keeping your hair short after the age of 50 are long gone and better days are already here.

Not long ago, it was always considered better to have short hair as you get older because the hair starts to thin out over age. It loses its original texture and pigment, turns grey and a bit rough and that’s where the trend of having short hair over 50 came from. It used to seem wiser to keep short hair to appear younger, and also, the maintenance for long hair is too bothersome and let’s be honest, shorter hair generally is less hassle. However, here in 2023, long hair on women over 50 is becoming a massive trend that’s taking the beauty industry by storm, but why?

Short Grey Hair

Why Is Long Hair On Women Over 50 The New Trend?

This era is all about breaking the rules and unnecessary stereotypes! The trend of women cutting their hair short seemed to suppress and since we all are learning to embrace our beauty in all its ways and phases, that trend just had to go! Long hair also gives you more confidence, makes you feel young and gorgeous, and most importantly if that’s what you want, why shouldn’t you go for it?

Hairstyles are limiting when you have short hair, but with long hair, you can play around and experiment with different fun hairstyles just for the sake of having fun! So what if you’re over 50? You deserve to look and feel your absolute best and do whatever you want and that is why this trend was brought to life! Let’s look at some of the classiest and most cute hairstyles for women over 50 who have beautiful, long hair.

Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Whether you’re looking for something fun for a concert or something elegant and sophisticated for a formal dinner, these hairstyles will give you a glamorous touch!

Dimensional Long Brunette Hair

Yes, most women over 50 years of age start losing their hair’s pigment and that’s okay! It’s a natural thing and you should adore the beauty of the process. But, if you want to appear younger and look even more flattering, then getting your hair dyed and highlighted might be a good choice. A brunette shade will definitely bring more light to your face and you’ll look absolutely stunning if you add highlights of a lighter shade! Perfect to wear them loose on a breezy date night with your significant other or spending time with the girls.

Grey Hair Layers


Layered hair is one of the most popular styles among older women, especially feathery layers. They add extra volume to your hair, making it look lush and fabulous! So, if you’re in search of something that would make your hair appear more voluminous, a layered hairstyle is exactly what you need!

Loose Curls

Nothing works better than loose curls when you want to look more fashionable yet elegant. If you’ve got long locks, then get that curling iron and start using the wand to give yourself beautiful, shiny loose curls. Add a side parting and brush them for more definition. You’re definitely going to steal the show with this one!

Grey Hair Bun

An Elegant Chignon

Nothing beats a chignon for an elegant and sophisticated look. Long hair can help you achieve the perfect look for your wedding party hairdo or an office dinner perhaps. This hairstyle looks absolutely fabulous on women over 50 and an elegantly fashionable woman can easily pull it off with style! Rock your way through the crowd with this gorgeous updo bun and become the style icon you’ve always dreamed of being!

Final Thoughts

Short hair or long, it’s your choice. Don’t let the trends dictate your choices because these trends come and go but you should always be true to yourself. Keeping yourself happy and content should be the goal, not listening to society. So, if you want your hair long, great, and if you like it short, that’s great too!

1 Response

Alba Marina
Alba Marina

September 02, 2023

sorry please for my English
I speck and write well only italian
scusate se scrivo in italiano
cerco prodotti senza sles plastiche e / o altri ingredienti dannosi e adatti ai miei capelli con cute sensibile oltre che tendenzialmente crespi – porosi e mossi ed anche adatti in shampoo, balsamo e maschere per capelli della mia età ( oltre 60 anni).

Spero nel vostro aiuto ed anche in prezzi equi.

In attesa du cortese risposta
invio cordiali saluti e ringrazio anticipatamente.

Alba Marina

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