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The Journey of Yao Secret

Launched in 2021, Yao Secret was founded by friends Xim Jiao from Nanjing, China, and Nadine Katherine from London, England with the goal to bring the Yao women's secret to hair care to the world.

Nadine always dreamed of having long, luscious hair, but she struggled to grow her locks. Then, she discovered the Yao women's secret to hair growth: rice water.

With both founders living in China at the time, they visited the village of the Red Yao tribe to find out more and quickly developed a new appreciation for hair care. The simple solution was revolutionary and also got the founders wondering about the other ingredients in their hair care, and what they were doing to our health and the environment.

With a belief that natural was better and a new appreciation for cultural tradition, Yao Secret was born. Today, the haircare brand offers shampoo and conditioner bars made with Chinese Longji rice water from the Red Yao women's village. The range combines the power of cultural tradition, with a sustainable edge that is good for people and the planet.

Our hope is that this tradition, now available at your fingertips, will be both a daily pleasure and a cultural reminder as you wash your hair without harm to your health or our precious planet.

Founder and CEO

Xim Jiao


Nadine Katherine

Social Responsibility

Adebelle Zhang

Brand Ambassador

Bao Hua

Brand Ambassador

Hai Li