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How We Partner For A Better Business And Community

May 31, 2024 2 min read


As May draws to a close, we at Yao Secret want to take a moment to celebrate the spirit of hard work and dedication embodied by the Red Yao women who inspire our products. Their devotion to their craft and cultural heritage inspires us every day, making us even more committed to ensure our we support them in ways that are both fair and sustainable. Here's how we do it:

Empowering Through Fair Trade

At Yao Secret, fair trade is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in directly purchasing high-quality rice water from the Red Yao women in the Long Hair Village, guaranteeing fair compensation for their efforts and preserving their traditional knowledge. This approach is especially crucial in Longji, a region heavily reliant on tourism and agriculture. Our consistent purchases provide a stable income source during off-seasons, empowering the Red Yao women and contributing to their financial security. This is evident in the sale of over 30,000 bars and 250,000ml of fermented rice water treatment, directly impacting their livelihoods.

Building Relationships Beyond Business

Our commitment goes beyond simple transactions. Our team visits Longji 5-6 times a year, fostering deeper connections by staying in local accommodations, promoting and purchasing local products, and actively participating in cultural activities. We share these experiences with our audience through live streams, aiming to bridge the gap between cultures and showcase the vibrant traditions of the Red Yao people. Additionally, Red Yao representatives in the Long Hair Village who work with us receive stable and competitive monthly salaries, significantly boosting their incomes. This economic empowerment allows them to invest in their families and futures.
"I could have never imagined since working with Yao Secret, my monthly income would increase over 100%!" ——Haili

Investing in the Future

We're constantly looking for ways to further support the Red Yao community. Upcoming projects focus on promoting sustainable local tourism and educational opportunities. We'll also help create market access for traditional Red Yao crafts, particularly embroidery, providing older women with additional income streams and preserving their cultural heritage. Stay tuned for exciting new initiatives launching this month!

Reinvested Profits, Sustainable Future

We believe in a model of shared prosperity. Five percent of our profits from shampoo and conditioner bars are directly reinvested in the Red Yao community's development. These funds support long-term projects that contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the Red Yao people. A sustainable, long-term business for Yao Secret also ensures a long-term commitment to the Red Yao community.
Remaining profits are strategically reinvested in sustainable marketing initiatives. This allows us to expand our reach and impact sustainably, attracting more customers interested in our high-quality, ethically sourced products. Ultimately, a healthy Yao Secret translates into a stronger foundation for supporting the Red Yao community for years to come.

Together, We Thrive

Our business model is built on collaboration and mutual respect. The economic benefits it generates have created significant and reliable income improvements for the Red Yao women in the Long Hair Village. We're grateful for the opportunity to work alongside this incredible community and celebrate their hard work not just in May, but every day.

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