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6 Golden Hair Trends for Autumn 2022

October 24, 2022 3 min read


Summer is always fun, there is a lot of sunshine and loads of outdoor activities to engage in. It’s also a great time of the year to rock a lot of interesting hairstyles and hair trends. We’re positive you had a lot of fun with your hair this summer. As much as we love the sunny days and summer hair trends, nothing stays the same, the cycle needs to keep moving. 

Autumn is upon us, and the temperature is gradually dropping, but we're not into the cold, cozy, winter months yet, that is still a couple of months away. The transition period is another chance to try out new hairstyles and hair trends before the cold winter months come calling. In this article, we’ll give you six hair trends you can adopt or get inspired by to continue the good hair days you’ve been enjoying since summer started. These hair trends will surely get you through autumn before the cold winter months begin.

Layered Cuts

Autumn is a season of the year when you can comfortably wear your hair down, this means you can do a lot with layers. Because you don’t have to wear your hair up, there are several ways you can wear your hair in layers, giving you a chance to shape your face and highlight your jaws and cheekbones. Some layered cuts that are trending this autumn include the butterfly cut, the modern Rachel, ‘70s waves, and the satchel. These layered cuts are versatile and work beautifully on all hair types, be it straight, wavy, or curly. Walk into any salon or have your hairstylist frame your hair into any of these layer-inspired hairstyles and you can easily achieve a flattering and chic look that will bring out your facial features and work perfectly for autumn.

Sleek Bun

Sleek Bun

This autumn hair trend is a great choice for you if you love wearing your hair in a bun. This hairstyle is versatile, it works well for pretty much all seasons. The sleek bun is a simple high and tight style that is a perfect fit for most attires.

The Frame Cut

One of the main occurrences of autumn is the drop in temperature. This means you can easily wear your hair around your face without worrying about sweat coming into the mix and making you uncomfortable. The frame cut is a beautiful hair trend that makes embracing your natural waves easy and fun. To achieve the frame cut, an irregular fringe or bang is cut above the eyebrows. As the name implies, this cut frames the face. A corner can also be created around the eyes for people with longer hair, it’s a great way to frame the sides of the face and highlight the cheekbones, eyes, and eyebrows. This hairstyle is versatile, your hairstylist can cut your hair into a frame that will work best for your face and your facial features.

‘90s Blowout

If you want volume and bounce, this hairstyle is a trend you can adopt this autumn. It involves parting and wearing your hair in layers. You can part your hair wherever you want, side or middle, but pairing side parting with longer layers can help you achieve a very bouncy and voluminous look.

Curtain Cut 

The curtain cut is the perfect option if you’re not a big fan of layers and want to wear your hair in just one length. The curtain cut features obvious symmetry and it tucks under and forward on the front side. It’s a style that’s perfect for giving the face a long frame. The key feature of this autumn hairstyle is the length, it’s usually leveled around the jaw or collarbone. It is also possible to create some sort of hybrid cut by featuring the symmetrical cut in front and letting the hair at your backflow below your shoulders. The curtain cut is easy to maintain, and when you decide you don’t want to wear your hair short anymore, you can start growing it out.

Textured Hair

Textured Natural Curls 

Keeping your hair in its natural state is a trend for this autumn. It is more than a trend, it is a constantly growing cultural shift, people are now embracing their curls and the natural texture of their hair. There are lots of ways you can wear your natural curls. You can do less by simply trimming off long straggly ends to make your curls pop and stand out. You can also add accessories and adornments into the mix to spice things up.

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