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How to Care For Your Hair in Extreme Weather

March 14, 2022 3 min read


We know how harsh the weather can be on our skin, but why isn’t that concern extended to our hair and scalp? Heavy rain, strong winds, and the scorching sun can all impact our hair disastrously. From flaky scalps to breakage, we must protect our hair to keep it in tip-top condition. In this blog, we’ll be giving you the best tips to recover hair that’s been weather-damaged and the ways you can weatherproof your hair for the future.

During Cold Weather

You may think very cold weather has no effect on your hair, and that the reason your hair is so dry and brittle is down to genetics. Well, we’re here to give you a reality check. The reason cold weather leaves your hair in such a bad condition is the lack of humidity, without moisture your hair is left in desperate need of hydration. It’s key the moisture is put back into your hair. We suggest a moisturizing treatment. You can opt for a natural homemade remedy like shea butter or an avocado mask, or you can reach for an effective and simple solution like our rice water conditioning bars. Rice water is famous for its ability to protein repair damaged follicles, plus it’s in a bar format to make it super convenient for use.

Avoid Sun Damage

We wear sunscreen on our face to protect ourselves from ultraviolet (UV) rays, but did you know you can also use sunscreen on your scalp? Just like our face, the sun can burn the skin on our head which can lead to a dry and itchy scalp, and there’s nothing worse than a flaky scalp.

Sun-damaged Hair

To take the proper precautions when the sun is out on a particularly hot day we suggest a high-level SPF product, ideally SPF 30+. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wear thick white sunscreen on your scalp, there are lots of sunscreens that are scalp-friendly. For instance, there are sunscreens in the form of a mist or a stick that are water-resistant and won’t leave a white cast.  Another method is wearing a hat. Throwing on a cute wide-brimmed hat or a cap is a stylish and effective way to protect your scalp from the scorching sun, see, you can be both fashionable and safe! 

Extreme Winds

Strong winds can significantly damage your hair by creating tangles and knots. As the wind blows your hair it rubs against each other causing the hairs to intertwine which leads to these annoying knots. Not only that, but the harsh wind can even cause split ends as the hair snags and scraps against one another.

The best way to tackle this is to implement a preventative solution, something as simple as tying your hair in a neat bun so that the wind doesn’t have the opportunity to blow it around. Using clips to pin back your fringe or loose pieces of your hair is also important as the hair around the crown of your head is particularly fragile. If you have curly hair, then a protective style would do wonders for it against the harshness of the wind. 

Woman Shielding from Rain

Heavy Rain

Getting your hair wet in the rain may not seem like a huge deal to you, but it can lead to dryness and fizziness. This is because it cheats your hair out of its natural moisture making it appear dull. Not to mention if your hair is getting wet in the rain and you don’t have a hairdryer on hand, then your hair is probably going to be damp for a while. This is so bad for your scalp, it can cause fungal infections which is a pain to cure so make sure you always keep an umbrella at hand. Avoid frizzy and damaged hair caused by extreme weather by applying these straightforward tips. Remember, if you want your hair to look luscious throughout the year then you’ve got to put in the work!

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