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Shampoo Bars vs Bottled Shampoo: Which Is Better?

January 18, 2022 3 min read


Shampoo is a product that many see as a necessity, due to its power to clean our hair from oil, product build-up and dirt. Because of this, it has become a staple part of many people’s haircare and hygiene routines.

But shampoo has become more advanced than ever, with hundreds of products to choose from, all with different scents and healing properties. And in previous years we have seen the upcoming of shampoo bars, as opposed to bottled shampoo. But this begs the question, which is better, bottled shampoo or shampoo bars? Well, we are here to put the battle of shampoos to the test and find out which is the best of the two.

The Packaging

One significant aspect that stands out about the 2 different products is the packaging. Bottled shampoo generally consists of a plastic bottle filled with a liquid shampoo. This is arguably not good for the environment and creates excessive plastic waste. On the other hand, shampoo bars do not usually come with any packaging and if they do it usually consists of something more environmentally friendly, such as biodegradable paper. This can make shampoo bars seem more appealing to those trying their best to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Liquid Shampoo

Consistency Of The Product

Bottled shampoo includes a liquid that you can pour into your hand and then massage into your hair to easily create a lather. This makes the product super easy to use and it is a quick process from getting the product out of the bottle and into your hair. On the other hand, a shampoo bar is a solid consistency that some people find harder to lather. This is because you have to either apply the shampoo bar to your hair by rubbing the bar on your head or rubbing it on your hands. This is a longer process than bottled shampoo, which can make the bottled shampoo the better option for those who like a quicker process.

The Pricing

There are so many shampoo bars and bottles to buy that range from different prices, but the shampoo bars tend to cost more than bottled shampoo.  That being said, shampoo bars are much more durable than bottled shampoo, lasting an average 80 washes. By the time you are finished with a shampoo bar, you will likely have gone through half of a bottled shampoo. So overall, although the majority of bottled shampoo is cheaper, you will save more money long-term when buying shampoo bars.

Travel Suitcase

Are They Travel Friendly?

Choosing between shampoo bars and bottled shampoo when it comes to travelling is hard. This is because they are both effective for travel use, for different reasons. Almost all shampoo bars are travel-friendly because they are small and solid, meaning you can fit them in a carry-on bag. That being said, because they have no packaging, it can be messier, especially if the product is still wet. On the other hand, most bottled shampoos are too big to take in carry-on bags.  That being said, you can get travel-sized bottled shampoos that are perfect to take travelling, but these sizes tend to be sold by only big-name brands. Overall, both shampoo bars and bottled shampoo are equally as useful for travelling, but for different reasons. 

Natural Haircare Ingredients

Do They Use Natural Ingredients?

Although it depends on the product, shampoo bars tend to be more natural and are packed with ingredients that are super beneficial for your hair. It is usually the bottled shampoo that contains chemicals and preservatives, that are somewhat damaging to your hair. This depends on the brand though, but overall you are likely to find that the majority of shampoo bars are more natural than bottled shampoo. 

Overall, the battle of the 2 products depends on what suits your hair care routine most. Shampoo bars will help reduce your carbon footprint as well as ensure that you are always putting 100% natural ingredients in your hair. You can find these benefits in our Fermented Rice Water Shampoo Bar which offers amazing value for your hair. On the other hand, bottled shampoo is a quicker and less messy option, for those who are looking for the fastest option.

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