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5 Hacks Every Thick Hair Girlie Should Know

February 28, 2023 3 min read


While some may think otherwise, people with thick hair need to give more time and attention to their hair for its maintenance. I mean, sure, it looks incredibly beautiful, but it's not as easy to manage as one might think. If you’re also a girl with a head full of thick hair, unwanted frizz, tangled locks, and dry split ends, then this read is for you! Let us look at some ways through which we can flaunt our shiny, beautiful locks falling perfectly over our shoulders without any frizz or tangles!

Hydrate, Hydrate, And Hydrate!

It is no rocket science that thick hair needs more hydration than other types of hair. In fact, your hair’s health depends on the frequency of oiling and hydration because dry hair is equal to damaged hair in my dictionary! Make sure you use natural oils to oil your scalp so that your skin absorbs it and hydrates your hair to keep it healthy and frizz-free. Avoid oils with preservatives or chemicals in them, and try to find oils that suit your hair type the most. Make sure you regularly use the treatment oils to keep that moisture in your hair– massage your scalp with the oil to hydrate your hair from the roots to the tip!

Hair Oiling

Be Careful With Your Wash & Drying Process

Washing roughly and drying your hair with a towel roughly can cause a lot of damage to your hair, and even cause it to break! With thick hair, this process is a bit more tricky because agree or not, thick hair can be a bit unpredictable. If you don't want your to act out and get all frizzy, then washing and drying them a certain way is essential.This means you should not wash your hair every single day so that your natural oils stay in balance. Washing them daily can also cause your scalp to miss out on some essential nutrients that your body produces naturally, and well, no “product” can fill that gap.

For washing, my last tip would be to not use hot water for washing. It dries up your hair and its nutrients leaving them shabby and hard to manage. Try to use lukewarm water or cool water for the wash! As far as drying is concerned, I would go against hair dryers or dry towels. These are super-damaging to thick hair. Rather, tie up a simple cotton tee around your head and let it dry naturally.

Minimize Heat

As I said above, heat is not good for your hair. If you often straighten your hair, blow dry it, or curl it, then this is a sign for you to stop that! Yes, sure, you can style them with these tools once in a blue moon, but doing it 3-4 times a week? A big no-no! The heat dries out your natural oils and strips your scalp of the essential moisture that makes your hair shabby! If you want healthy and bouncy locks, minimize the heat!

High Ponytail

Tight Hairstyles Are A No-Go

Keep your hair free of tight hairstyles– this may cause extra tension on your scalp which can cause breakage and headaches too! Most of the time, thick hair maintains its health when they are styled loosely– keeping your head free and airy. It also keeps your hair looking flowy and beautiful throughout. If you want a sleek look, what you can do instead of tying your bun or ponytail too tight is use light hair products– gel or pomade to get that sleek look.

Make Leave-ins Your Best Friend

Some products are just too good for thick hair. Have you ever used leave-in conditioners? They can hydrate your hair to a great extent and give your hair that bouncy and fresh look! Products that feature natural ingredients like rice water, shea butter, etc. are even better for thick hair as they provide essential nourishment and give your locks a shiny and healthy look! Along with that, they help in giving you frizz-free hair with easy detangling– oh, such a stress-free picture it is, no? Leave-ins are great for long and thick hair– a must-have for your hair care routine!

It’s A Wrap!

While thick hair may feel hard to manage, with the right steps, you can make it look even more beautiful, healthy, shiny, and bouncy! These few steps are a great start toward your journey of thick hair maintenance!

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