Social Responsibility

Our Pledge

Honest and fair trade are indispensable components of our core values. That is why, from the beginning of Yao Secret, we knew it was fundamental to establish a direct partnership with the Red Yao women.
Direct partnerships are similar to fair trade, but instead of working through a negotiator, we hold these relationships ourselves so we can be certain that the prices we pay for ingredients are fair and the community working conditions are guaranteed.  

How the Community Benefits

Since the local economy depends almost entirely on tourism, which has been in decline since the beginning of the global pandemic, our ultimate goal is to create more stay-at-home jobs for Longji residents to guarantee them a regular source of income and a feeling of security.
Here are some of the ways we’ve helped the Longji community so far:
  • Reliable source of income.
  • Stable prices for ingredients.
  • Gifts for the host family.
  • Purchase of local commodities e.g., fruits, vegetables, embroidery, and artwork.
  • Connect locals to a broad customer base, within China and internationally.
  • Build a lasting and sustainable partnership.

Our Visits

Just like plants in the soil, bonds need to be nurtured, that is why our team invests time each year to visit the Longji village and strengthen our relationship with its community.
Their stories inspire our mission and deepen cultural understanding so that their voices can be heard and represented with the utmost respect and integrity.

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