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6 Shampoo Bar Storage Holders You Already Own

July 15, 2022 4 min read


Looking around your bathroom with no plastic in sight is a beautiful feeling, you know you’re doing your quota for the health and sustenance of the environment. Your bathroom only features environmentally-friendly products made with handpicked natural ingredients.. But after a while you run into a problem you need to solve; how do you store your solid conditioner and shampoo bars without them turning to mush? How do you keep your bathroom organized and tidy? How do you make sure your bars are well stored without turning into mush and causing a squishy mess? In this post, we’re going to give you six ideas you can use to store your shampoo and conditioner bars with items you already own so you don’t have to incur extra costs buying new storage apparatus.

Coffee Coaster

Coffee coasters or beermats, are popular in bars and also used at home. Their main purpose is to prevent water marks left behind on wooden surfaces by cups and bottles. You can repurpose a coffee coaster and turn it into a storage apparatus for your shampoo and conditioner bars. They are wide enough to contain your bars and they won't take up too much space in your bathroom. Most coasters absorb moisture (except they are made of ceramic or glass) so they'll do a good job of keeping your bars dry and ready for use the next time. You can let your bars dry a little bit to prevent the amount of moisture that will be transferred to your coaster.

You can also opt for coffee coasters made with an absorbent material that can suck off the little moisture left on your bars after use. When next you're buying a coffee coaster, opt for coasters made with an absorbent material like wood. The key is the right level or absorbency or a structure that allows liquid to drain (like interwoven bamboo). You can make a DIY coaster exclusively for this purpose, so you can add colours and structures and make it your own. You can even beautify your bathroom space in the process.

Mason Jar Storage

Mason Jar

The mason jar or fruit jar, is made of glass and used for home canning. It was patented by John Landis Mason in the 1850s. Its primary purpose is food preservation but it’ll also work well for storing your bars. This might not be as comfortable as the coffee coaster as the mason jar is made primarily of glass and it has a lid. This means you have to open the jar and dip your hand in to put your bar in or take it out. You can opt for the smallest mason jar you can find in your home to make it more comfortable and practical to use. The smaller the better. But it's more practical for long-term storage or for keeping your shampoo and conditioner bars (and maybe other items) when traveling and you need to pack two or three bars for the duration of your trip. For this purpose, you can use bigger jars.

If you don't mind the constant dipping and the fact that you might have to wait a little for your bar to dry before placing it in the mason jar then if you have a mason jar lying around in the house, it'll be a viable candidate for storing your shampoo, conditioner, or soap bars.

Foaming Net

Foaming nets, as the name implies, are primarily used to make voluminous foam, especially from bars. If you're already off the single-use plastic train, chances are you already have foaming nets.They are a great option for storing bars because of their structure. They usually have a handle or ring at the top that allows for hanging and they have a meshy structure that allows water to drain off your bars so they remain dry after each use. Whatsmore, they're included for free with every purchase of Yao Secret bars!

Shell Soap Holder

Sea Shell

Did you pick up some seashells from your last visit to the beach and they've been lying around in the house? It's time to put them to practical use in your bathroom. Sea shells can be a compact and efficient way to store your shampoo bars after each use. They can also add to the aesthetic of your bathroom. Sea shells are not made the same, they are of varying sizes and shapes. Look out for a shell with the appropriate structure and surface area to hold your bars.


Do you have a tin box? Maybe from the last peppermint you bought. A tin box is primarily made of steel with a very thin tin coating to prevent corrosion and rust. This makes them great for use in the bathroom where there's constant exposure to oxygen and water. They come in different sizes and have a lid that can be opened and closed. If you have one in your house or can pick up one from a friend, then you have a very practical and effective way to store your bars. This one will work for storing your bars in the bathroom after each use or for storing your bars when traveling. For use in your bathroom, you can carefully make a hole or two to allow water to drain off your bar and also to allow air to get in the tin to keep your shampoo, conditioner, or soap bar dry and ready for use the next time.

Pill Box

A pill box is primarily used to organize medication. They're convenient to use and easy to carry. This works great for using your bars on the move. You can cut your bars up into little pieces and keep them in a pill box for use in the gym or for quick travel when you don't need to go with your whole bar.


We hope you find these 6 ideas practical and usable and they spark more ideas on how to store your bars. We currently don't have bar storage in our line of products but we have plans to design some in the near future. Let us know what type of bar storage ideas you would like us to develop in the comment section.

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