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9 Hot Hair Trends for Summer 2022

July 21, 2022 3 min read


Summer is on the way, the weather is getting hotter and you’re probably already packing your beach bag and getting ready to enjoy all the outdoor fun that comes with summer. The past couple of years have been a little bit rough and this is the first summer where we can really go out, rock our summer bodies and try out new styles for the season. Summer brings with it a sense of change and a great way to embrace and explore this change is by trying out new haircuts and new looks.

The arrival of the heat and humidity of summer makes our hair behave differently, calling for new (and cool) styles and cuts that will make us comfortable and ready to enjoy all the perks of the summer season. If you’re looking for ideas for new haircuts you can try this summer, you’re on the right page. In this article, we’ll be looking at some refreshing hair trends that will further bolster the feeling of freedom that summer brings. Read on to get acquainted with beautiful and practical hair trends you can try this summer.

Long Hairstyle

Long Shag

If you’re aiming for a fun and playful energy this summer, you can opt for the long shag, a slight iteration of the popular shag haircut. It’s a haircut that can be rocked by most hair types, whether you have curly hair or straight hair. The main feature of the shag is hair that has been layered to various lengths, with feathered layers at the top and sides. This style removes excess weight and hair around the face. With this style, you can keep your length on the sides but have shorter layers around your face. You can have a conversation with your stylist to determine what will work best for you.

Medium-Length Hair

Collarbone-Grazing Lobs

The collarbone-grazing lob is a great way to get a more relaxed crop. It creates a longer silhouette to give you a new sleek look for the summer. This style works perfectly when mixed with a pre-existing shag, it adds new length that breathes new life into your hairstyle.

Bottleneck Bangs

Create a love child between a full and grown-out fringe and you get the bottleneck bang. Bottleneck bangs, also known as French girl bangs, are laid back and getting trendier, plus they are easy to maintain. Bottleneck bangs are great for summer because they give an instant style and they grow out and make your hair transition perfectly into autumn. They are universally flattering, low maintenance, and easy to style, making them perfect for summer.

‘90s Layers

If you want to take things back a bit and try something vintage and inspired by styles from the past, the ‘90s layers (a modernization of the ‘90s shag) is a perfect choice for you. Layers are sweeping and face-framing, they allow for a lot of movement and volume. This hairstyle works great for all hair types. When visiting your stylist, you can ask for the face-framing layers to start about two inches below your chin.

Medium Bob Hairstyle

Medium Chop

The medium chop is a great option if you’ve experienced severe hair damage or your hair is currently impossible to style and manage. You can ask for a one-length cut above your bust line.

Minimalist Hair

This summer style works perfectly if you have fine hair. It’s a great way to create an understated yet elegant look. The hallmark of this style is loose, unstructured hair combined with thinner, textured ends and a simple finish. You can ask your stylist to dust your ends but not make them blunt, and create movement by softly layering without showing a clear difference in the length of your hair.

Layered Hair

One-Length Bob

If you want a classic and timeless haircut for summer, try the one-length bob. It’s versatile and pretty much anyone can wear this haircut to varying lengths and shapes. A good tip is to have a discussion with your stylist about where your bob will fall. You want to choose a length that will flatter your face shape and hair texture.

Length and Layers

Long hair with long layers is a summer staple, and you can expect to see this style this 2022 summer. They are natural-looking waves with long layers that add movement around the face. You can ask your stylist to add face-framing layers that start below the chin.

Rounded Layers

If you want a style that will give volume to your hair from top to bottom, you should try rounded layers. It also has a retro vibe with more life and bounce to it. This cut is perfect if you have curls or blown-out locks. This style works great with some hair types better than others. Ask your stylist if your hair will work perfectly with a heavily layered haircut to know if this style is for you.

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