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Rice Ferment: Nature’s Best-Kept Hair Care Secret

March 28, 2023 3 min read


Are you looking for a magical ingredient to strengthen your hair? If so, then rice ferment filtrate is exactly what you need! I am sure most of you drain away the water that’s left after soaking your rice in it for a few minutes. But that’s the biggest mistake you’re making. Why? Because that is one of the secret ingredients to strong and healthy hair of the Yao women! And now, you can benefit from it too!

What Is Rice Ferment Filtrate?

Rice ferment filtrate is just another fancy word for rice water. Rice water is rich in essential nutrients and minerals that strengthen your hair and give it a healthy, dense look. Rice ferment filtrate is a residue left when you ferment rice. But, the Yao women use rice water for their hair. This water is abundant in essential collagen supplements and amino acids that are great for your hair & skin!

Yao Women's Rice Water

Benefits Of Rice Ferment Filtrate For Your Hair

Without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at all of the amazing benefits of applying rice water A.K.A rice ferment filtrate to your hair!

Stronger Hair

Rice water has antioxidants that help maintain the strength and health of your hair. Yao women regularly apply this to their hair and that’s just one secret behind their lush, lustrous locks! The amino acids and other nutritional supplements also help in strengthening your hair by boosting collagen production and ultimately, regeneration of your hair.

Shiny & Smooth Look

Rice water is also widely known to make your hair more shiny and beautiful. If you’re suffering from dull and dry hair, then using Yao Secret’s rice ferment filtrate shampoo and conditioner bars is exactly what you need! Rich in vitamins, this shampoo gives you ever-gorgeous, smooth, and shiny hair that you can style fashionably in many cute ways!

Longji Rice Terraces

Promotes Hair Growth

If you’ve seen Yao women’s hair, you’d know that this ingredient is truly magical. It promotes growth in your hair and in fact, boosts the speed at which it grows. Rice water is an elixir that is rich in essential vitamins and amino acids that work to give you longer, stronger, and infinitely beautiful locks! The amino acids help in boosting keratin production in your hair which gives it a smoother and frizz-free look. Vitamin C is there to control sebum production and keep your scalp safe & healthy. Rice ferment filtrate is also rich in Vitamin E that helps to control excessive hair loss and keeps your hair’s hydration in check to avoid dryness and hair fall.

Say Goodbye To Split Ends

Split ends are super common in women and they can get pretty annoying when you can’t get any of your favourite hairstyles right. But, you don’t have to worry anymore because Yao Secret has got just the thing for you. The rice ferment filtrate is the one ingredient that will solve all your hair problems. Rice water shampoo bars are an excellent remedy for your split ends. Rich in vital nutrients, it helps to maintain the texture and length of your hair without causing any split ends!

Red Yao Woman

Reduces Dandruff

The struggle with dandruff is real. But, lucky for you, the Yao women were kind enough to bring a wondrous solution to it! Dandruff can be super annoying and embarrassing, especially when you’re going out to important events where you need to make a mark. Rice ferment filtrate is what will keep your head clear of dandruff. Providing your hair with utmost hydration and nourishment, rice water is the secret ingredient to keep your hair looking fresh and stunning!

Wrapping Up…

This eye-popping ingredient is a one-stop solution to all your hair problems, whether it’s weak hair, hair fall, dull and dry texture, or split ends. Rice ferment filtrate will be there every step of the way to give you amazing, jaw-dropping, dense, and strong locks! So, if you’re facing any of the hair problems listed above, you know what to do! Get your hands on the Yao women’s secret elixir and give your hair the makeover it needs!

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