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We Visited the Village with the World’s Longest Hair

December 09, 2021 2 min read


Nestled 3.5 hours north of the well-trodden paths of Guilin lies Longji, a hidden gem that few outside China may know. This special report takes you inside the extraordinary village of the Red Yao people, renowned for their remarkably long hair. Yao Secret has had the privilege of visiting this unique community several times, and we're excited to share a glimpse into the daily lives of these fascinating individuals.

Red Yao Gathering

Meet Our Gracious Hosts

Our journey was made all the more memorable thanks to our warm and welcoming hosts. These remarkable women, pillars of their community, embody the traditional spirit of the Yao people while embracing the modern world. Our host, a traditional Yao woman, dedicates her days to preserving the Yao minority's customs, from stitching garments and cooking to promoting ancient haircare rituals and tending to her family with love and care. Her daughter, a vibrant blend of tradition and modernity, passionately shares their ancient culture with the world through social media.

Guest Bedroom
(Our room for the duration of our stay.)

A Day in the Life 

Our hosts led us through their daily routines with open hearts. The day begins at dawn, with meticulous hair care rituals, using wooden combs to style their hair into protective designs. Breakfast is a communal affair, featuring Mifen, a local delicacy of slow-boiled rice noodles, a testament to the simple yet rich culinary traditions of the region.

The highlight of the morning is the Long Hair Show, where local women showcase their extraordinary hair, intertwined with folk dances and songs—a mesmerizing display of cultural pride and beauty.

As the day progresses, our hosts engage in the family business, selling beautifully embroidered items, jewelry, and their famed homemade rice water, an essential ingredient in their haircare regimen. They also extend their hair-washing services to the community, a practice steeped in tradition and communal bonding.

Evenings are a time for family gatherings, featuring hearty meals of stewed greens, rice, tofu, and local snacks, offering us a taste of authentic Yao cuisine and hospitality.

Rice Noodles

Reflections on Our Visit

Our stay with the Yao community was not just an exploration of a unique way of life but a profound experience of generosity and cultural richness. We left with not only a deeper understanding of the Red Yao's traditions but also with lasting impressions of their kindness.

We eagerly anticipate our next visit to Longji. What aspects of the Red Yao village and culture pique your interest? Share your thoughts below, and we might explore them in our upcoming posts!

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