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Go Green this Season: Yao Secret's Holiday Gift Guide!

November 26, 2023 3 min read


Tis almost the season to spread joy and cheer, but let’s not forget our lovely planet amidst the festive buzz. You know, all that wrapping and plastic can really pile up! That's why at Yao Secret, we're keeping it eco-friendly. Our goodies, like our lush rice water haircare bars and eco-wooden brushes, come in recyclable cardboard. Perfect for your eco-warrior pals and family! No plastic bottles here, just thoughtful gifts to make the holidays merry and green. Let’s explore our nourishing haircare range, offering ideal choices for the eco-conscious, making thoughtful gifts or delightful stocking stuffers for your loved ones!

Yao Hair Therapy Kit: A Luxurious Treat

Searching for that ideal holiday gift? Consider our Yao Hair Therapy Kit, a perfect treat for those who value luxurious hair care. This set features our rejuvenating Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, harnessing the power of rice water renowned for its nourishing and hair-growth properties. Crafted with care, these sulfate-free bars offer a gentle yet effective cleanse, ensuring hydrated and healthy locks—essential during the dry winter season. Embrace sustainability without compromising hair health with this thoughtful gift, a fantastic addition to any haircare routine.

Style To Perfection Vera wood Comb Set

Looking for the ideal present for a hair-styling enthusiast? Look no further than our Style To Perfection Vera wood Comb Set, a thoughtful and practical gift choice. This set, crafted from sustainable Vera wood, offers a delightful array of combs and brushes designed to invigorate hair follicles, prevent knots, and minimize breakage. The collection includes a Wide Tooth Detangling Comb, ideal for managing curls or waves, while the Fine-Tooth Detangling Comb suits straight hair. Versatile across various hair types, the Fine-Tooth Pocket Comb is included, alongside the precision-ready Rat Tail Comb and the versatile Paddle Hairbrush, making it a comprehensive set for perfecting any style.

Verawood Comb Set

Vera wood Hair Stick Duo: For the Creative Artist

Looking for a stylish and versatile gift for someone who loves to elevate their hairstyles effortlessly? Meet our Vera wood Hair Stick Duo, a delightful choice for those seeking elegance and functionality. Crafted meticulously from sustainable Vera wood, these hair sticks pay homage to the time-honoured tradition of the Red Yao women, ensuring the utmost care for your hair while creating stunning updos. This set is perfect for the person who adores adding a touch of grace and versatility to their everyday look, allowing them to effortlessly craft various styles that match any occasion.

Wide Tooth Detangling Comb: A Curly Girl’s Dream

Introducing our Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb, an eco-conscious essential that's more than just a comb—it's a companion for beautiful, healthy curls and waves. Crafted from sustainable Vera wood, this thoughtful gift promotes eco-friendliness while caring for your hair. Tailored for curly and wavy hair types, it effortlessly detangles, reduces breakage, and fosters the health of your locks. It's an ideal gift for the friend who celebrates their natural hair texture, offering the care and attention their curls deserve while making a sustainable choice for the planet.

Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb

Paddle Hairbrush: Best All-Round Styling Tool

Presenting our Paddle Hairbrush, the ultimate all-round styling tool fit for royalty like you. Crafted from sustainable Vera wood, this brush pays homage to the Red Yao Tribe's heritage and embodies elegance and practicality. Suitable for all hair types, it gently detangles, tames frizz, and enhances your hair's natural allure. More than just a styling tool, it's a sustainable choice that contributes to a healthier planet with every stroke. An ideal gift for anyone seeking effortless hair care with an eco-friendly touch, it's perfect for those who value both style and sustainability in their hair care routine.

Let's Wrap it up!

As we embrace the joy of giving this holiday season, let's remember the significance of sustainability and kindness. Choosing thoughtful gifts that honour our planet, like Yao Secret's eco-friendly hair care, can make a lasting impact. This festive season, let's revel in the joy of creating beautiful moments while being mindful of our environment. And for those eager to ensure they never run out of their favourite bars, our subscription service offers a convenient solution, allowing you to enjoy regular deliveries while saving 10% each time. Let's celebrate with merriment, compassion, and a commitment to sustainability.

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