Inspired by Cultural Tradition

Yao Secret is a Sino-British hair care brand dedicated to improving and maintaining healthy hair by way of cultural tradition.

By focusing on delivering natural and ethically sourced products made with ritually-prepared rice water found in the Longji rice terraces, we empower communities and respect nature.

With a natural and cultural approach to hair care, our products provide the best conditions for healthier hair. We ethically source the finest ingredients in Guilin, China, we support local villagers, preserve tradition and bring the Yao women's secret to hair care to the world.

Our Philosophy

The Longji village in Guangxi, China, is famous for its breathtaking waterfalls, its scenic Hot Springs, its supernatural water and for the dramatically long and beautiful hair worn by its female community.

As legend has it, thousands of years ago a girl from the local Yao tribe successfully defeated an intruder by whipping them with her long hair.

Since then, the Yao women cut their hair only once in their lives and use a special maintenance routine to maintain their hair's noteworthy shine and luster. The secret is in the rice water.

Our Mission

Since its inception, Yao Secret has built a special relationship with the Longji village and its people. Their tradition inspires our mission, our products, and our desire to spread cultural depth.

With the Yao women as our inspiration, we aim to give back to the village and its people, while preserving the planet.

We are fully committed to respecting our relationship with their people by helping to develop and preserve their unique culture. To solidify this commitment, we ethically source our Longji rice from the tribe.

We also further our commitment to respecting the land by promising to develop sustainable products that are low-waste and comprised of natural ingredients free from toxic chemicals.