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Fermented Rice Water For Hair: History and Get it Now

December 19, 2023 3 min read 1 Comment


The secret's out: Our Fermented Rice Water Treatment is here! As some of you may know, this incredible product hit our shelves just this week. Now you can experience rice water magic for yourself, crafted with love by the Red Yao women themselves. It's a celebration of ancient haircare secrets fused with modern brilliance. We're diving into the history, the magic, and the amazing perks this product brings straight to your hair! Ready to join us on this amazing journey? Let's explore the goodness together!

History of Rice Water in Bathing and Beauty

The practice of utilizing rice water as a beauty treatment is believed to have originated in ancient China during the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD). Rice water has been used as a beauty treatment for centuries.  In the pre-Qin days, people first washed their hair and bathed with rice water, which contains starch, protein and vitamins.

Not only did it help remove dirt stains and maintain the scalp and hair, but it also helped with rough skin. There were also medicinal functions associated with rice water, it helping with cold hands and feet, low back pain and frostbite, as well as as fatigue relief. Such natural cosmetics were, in effect, a combination of shampoo, shower gel and facial cleanser.

Tang Dynasty

Then there was also the Chinese honey locust with its many uses. During the Southern Qi Dynasty, it could effectively clean the skin and eliminate dirt, as well as being a kind of ancient moisturizer. It has also been traditionally used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, such as swelling, suppuration, carbuncle, and skin diseases.

Our Rice Water Treatment – What’s in it?

Fast forward to 2023 and this recipe is still thriving today. So, what’s in our rice water treatment? You may notice a few delightful additions to our rice water recipe, so in addition to the traditional blend comprising rice water, ginger, pomelo peels, fleeceflower, and tea bran, we've enriched it further. Our unique infusion now features soapberries, maple leaves, mulberry leaves, ivy leaves, and Chinese honey locust. These additions introduce a sweeter aroma, transforming the formula into a fragrant delight. The result? A gentler scent that deviates from the pungency often associated with traditional fermented rice water, ensuring a more pleasant experience for your haircare routine. Yes, it smells fermented – that’s completely normal!

Soapberries, known for their natural cleansing properties, complement the traditional blend by aiding in gentle yet effective cleansing. Maple leaves, mulberry leaves, and ivy leaves are packed with antioxidants, promoting scalp health and revitalizing hair follicles, leading to improved hair growth. Meanwhile, the Chinese honey locust adds moisture and acts as a natural conditioner, leaving your hair smoother and more manageable. Together, these elements enhance the traditional rice water treatment, offering a comprehensive solution for healthier, shinier, and more vibrant hair.

Rice Water Ingredients

How to use it

  1. For best results, apply the Fermented Rice Water Treatment to dry, unwashed hair until it's slightly damp, ensuring every strand is coated.
  2. Allow the treatment to work its magic by wrapping your hair into a bun and leaving it for about 15 minutes.
  3. After this time, proceed to wash and shampoo your hair as usual, and perhaps indulge in the nourishing qualities of our Yao Secret bars for a comprehensive hair care routine. Incorporate this treatment into your weekly routine for vibrant, revitalized hair!

Rice Water Treatment Bottle

What Changes Will I Notice in My Hair?

What can you expect from our Fermented Rice Water Treatment? Get ready for a transformation! You'll notice your hair shining brighter and feeling smoother. This powerful treatment strengthens your strands, making them healthier and more robust. You might also see an increase in thickness, giving your hair more volume and bounce. Plus, following the footsteps of the Yao women, known for their naturally vibrant hair, this treatment might help reduce the appearance of grey hair. Consistent use promises a revitalized mane that's full of life, health, and an amazing shine.

So, what are you waiting for? This product is being released as a limited edition, so make sure to grab our Fermented Rice Water Treatment while still you can! 

1 Response

Eleanor Bernabo
Eleanor Bernabo

July 09, 2024

Thank you very much for this information. I can’t wait to try it. Thank you . God bless

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