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How to Donate Hair to Cancer: Adebelle’s Story

April 18, 2022 3 min read 2 Comments


Adebelle's Heartfelt Journey: Transforming Locks into Hope

If you've peeked at our Instagram lately, you've likely seen the radiant faces of our team members. Among them, our social responsibility manager, Adebelle, is renowned for her infectious smile and her signature silky, flowing locks. But hold onto your hats, because Adebelle is gearing up for a remarkable transformation – she's about to part ways with a significant portion of her hair!

Now, you might be wondering, why would someone voluntarily bid farewell to such gorgeous locks. What if we told you that this bold move is all for a truly remarkable cause?

Less than half of women get to enjoy a full head of hair throughout their lives. Various factors, from serious illnesses and chronic stress to medications and conditions like alopecia, can lead to hair loss. For those grappling with these challenges, a well-crafted wig made from human hair can be a lifeline, boosting their self-esteem and rekindling hope. Recently, we had the privilege of sitting down with Adebelle to delve into her motivations for this incredible act of generosity.

Hair Donation Ponytail

"Tell Us About When You Began This Remarkable Tradition."

"In 2013, I embarked on this hair donation journey. It all started when a few friends introduced me to the concept. I vividly recall a friend who had abruptly chopped off her luscious locks, and later, we discovered that it was all in the name of a greater good. Inspired by her, I decided to give it a shot myself."

"Where Do You Direct Your Hair Donations?"

"I give my hair donations to 'Recycle Your Hair,' a remarkable non-profit initiative that gathers wigs for cancer patients in Singapore."

"How Many Times Have You Donated So Far?"

"Over the past eight years, I've contributed three ponytails. However, 2022 marks my fourth donation."

"Why The Focus on Multiple Ponytails?"

"Well, it turns out my hair is quite unique, making it challenging to find hair that matches its colour, texture, and length for wig-making. It takes six ponytails to craft a single wig, and I was determined to keep donating until my first ponytail became part of a wig. As the years rolled on, I began to enjoy the transformation from super long hair to a shorter style – it gives me a fresh look now and then, which is undeniably fun to experiment with. By the way, my first ponytail from 2013 was only recently transformed into a wig in December 2021."

Hair Wig

"Was Making This Decision Easy?"

"I'll admit, I hesitated at first. Long hair was a dream for me since childhood, but my mother was quite strict about it, and I had to endure frequent haircuts growing up. It wasn't until I turned ten that I got the green light to let my hair grow. After that initial haircut in 2013, I was genuinely delighted with the outcome, and the support and encouragement from family and friends were heart-warming."

"Are There Specific Rules for Hair Recycling?"

"The hair must be virgin, untouched by dyes, perms, or any chemical treatments."

Hair Makeover

"What Wisdom Would You Share with Aspiring Hair Donors?"

"Hair donation has gained momentum in recent years, so you can likely find a hair donation center near you with ease if you're interested. If you're eager for a fresh style and want to contribute to an incredible cause simultaneously, don't hesitate to take the plunge and embrace a shorter 'do!" Thinking of joining the noble cause of hair donation? Discover more about this heart-warming endeavor at Recycle Your Hair: 

Let's weave locks of hope, one ponytail at a time.

2 Responses


July 09, 2024

Hi can I know where can I donate my cut hair?


July 09, 2024

I am feeling disappointed that I cannot donate my hair for kids or women with cancer, simply because my hair is dyed dark brown.
Please may I find out the reason for this. Thank you so much

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