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Hair Secrets Exposed: 7 Red Yao Long Hair Rituals

December 12, 2023 4 min read 4 Comments


Embarking on another thrilling journey, the Yao Secret team made a delightful return to Long Hair Village recently, catching up with Hai Li, our hair care ambassador extraordinaire. This encounter was all about diving deep into the secrets behind Hai Li's stunning hair—glossy, vibrant, and enviable. Ready to unveil the magic? Join us as we spill the beans on seven of these incredible hair care secrets straight from the heart of the Red Yao community!

Sun Protection: Preserving Hair's Radiance

Xim, the founder of Yao Secret, approached Hai Li to learn the inside tips on how to keep hair healthy and vibrant. "HaiLi, how do you protect your hair from the sun?" asked Xim. "We use hats, umbrellas, or cloth wraps to shield hair from UV exposure," Hai Li responded. This practice isn't just a tradition; it's a vital means to safeguard hair from the sun's harmful UV rays. By employing such protective measures, hair proteins are shielded, preventing damage and retaining the hair's natural oils. This age-old practice isn't just a habit; it's a way to preserve the vibrancy and health of their hair amidst the sun's harsh rays.

Balanced Diet for Hair Health

"What's essential in your diet for healthy hair?" "We consume grains, coarse grains, and chicken soup for hair health, including sweet potatoes, taro, peanuts, black sesame, and walnuts," Hai Li replied. This diet isn't merely a culinary preference; it's a deliberate choice to incorporate nutrient-rich foods. These items are packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins vital for hair growth and strength. For generations, these dietary staples have been crucial contributors to the longevity and health of their hair, ensuring that their locks remain strong, vibrant, and healthy.

Red Yao Long Hair Diet(A Typical Red Yao home-cooked meal)

Fermented Rice Water: Hair Elixir

"Tell us more about your hair-washing routine." Hai Li explained, "We utilize fermented rice water infused with soapberry, fleeceflower root, and lingzhi mushroom for scalp care and washing hair." This traditional hair care method isn't just a ritual; it's a revered practice rooted in history and natural ingredients. The concoction harnesses the benefits of rice water's nourishment, combined with other botanical elements, promoting scalp health, improving hair texture, and stimulating growth. This natural elixir has been a cornerstone in maintaining the longevity and resilience of their hair, ensuring it remains healthy and lustrous.

Wooden Combs: Nurturing Hair and Scalp

"How do you maintain hair health without causing damage?" Hai Li shared, "We opt for wooden combs to prevent static, hair damage, and to stimulate the scalp for improved blood circulation." This preference for wooden combs isn't merely a choice; it's a purposeful decision rooted in traditional wisdom. Wooden combs, unlike plastic ones, reduce static, prevent hair breakage, and offer a gentle massage to the scalp. This practice isn't just about grooming; it's a holistic approach to ensuring hair remains healthy, strong, and free from damage caused by static electricity or rough combing.

Wooden Combs Long Hair

Preventing Hair Pressure for Healthier Strands

"What do you do to prevent tangling or hair loss during sleep?" Hai Li shared, "We avoid sleeping with hair pressed to prevent tangling and hair loss." This practice isn't just a habit; it's a conscious choice to preserve hair quality. Sleeping with hair compressed or tightly bound can cause friction, leading to knots and hair breakage. By letting hair flow naturally during sleep, the risk of tangling and subsequent hair loss is significantly reduced, ensuring hair remains healthy and free from breakage or damage.

Drying Methods: Affect on Hair Moisture

"What's your preferred method of drying hair after washing?" Hai Li responded, "In our community, we mostly air dry our hair. If in a hurry, we blow dry with medium or cool air to prevent damage from excessive heat." Excessive heat from blow dryers can strip hair of its natural moisture, making it dull and more prone to damage. Emphasizing air drying or using a blow dryer at lower heat settings ensures hair retains its moisture, resulting in healthier, more vibrant strands.

Drying Hair Naturally

Maintaining Hair Health Amidst High Temperatures

Xim inquired further, "So, it’s just like the sun exposure, high temperatures can damage your hair right?" Hai Li affirmed, "Yes, hair care is essential, just like skincare. We emphasize hair care for beauty in the RED YAO community." This practice isn't just about aesthetics; it's about nurturing hair health akin to skincare. Avoiding prolonged exposure to high temperatures aids in maintaining the hair's moisture balance and texture. By minimizing exposure to high temperatures, the hair retains its natural sheen and vitality, contributing to its overall health and appearance.

Hai Li's Haircare Wisdom

Discovering Hai Li's secrets was like uncovering a treasure trove of natural wisdom! From protecting hair under the sun to using ancient elixirs, these traditions are more than routines—they're a celebration of wholesome hair care. The Yao Secret journey continues, inviting everyone to embrace these time-honoured practices and nurture their locks with care and appreciation.

4 Responses


July 09, 2024

I will enter your giveaway because I can’t afford to purchase the products my rent and food is sky high


July 09, 2024

I was surprised to read about letting your hair flow freely when you sleep. Most of black women sleep in a bonnet or wrap. Good to know


July 09, 2024

I was surprised to read about letting your hair flow freely when you sleep. Most of black women sleep in a bonnet or wrap. Good to know


July 09, 2024

I was surprised to read about letting your hair flow freely when you sleep. Most of black women sleep in a bonnet or wrap. Good to know

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