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Secrets of Our Rice Water Elixir: Something in the Water

September 14, 2022 4 min read 1 Comment


One of the most popular DIY tips for hair growth and health in recent years is rice water. Celebrities, influencers, and people on social media are swearing by its potency and efficiency. It seems everyone agrees that it works, history (through the long hair worn by women of ancient Asian courts) has shown us that it works, but when it comes to how it’s made there’s a lot of division. Rice water is potent, but only when made the right way and with the right ingredients, the way it was originally made by women in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the benefits of rice water, show you exactly what it does to your hair, and give you an inside view into how we make our rice water.

Benefits of Rice Water

Although the benefits of rice water for hair are anecdotal, meaning there isn’t enough scientific evidence to back them up. They are solely the accounts of people who have used it and testified to its potency. People have used rice water for thousands of years, and they still use it today, and they get significant benefits. It would be nice if through research scientists could prove how it works, but the fact is that it works. Listed below are some of the major benefits of using rice water for your hair:

Rice Water Strengthens Hair

One of the important nutrients needed to keep hair healthy is protein. Rice water has a decent amount of protein which can help to improve the health and strength of hair. Rinsing your hair with rice water or using a rice water shampoo over time can make your hair strong, thereby reducing breakage and the amount of hair you lose when you wash and brush your hair.

Shiny Hair

Rice Water Can Stimulate Hair Growth

Rice water contains amino acids that are important for hair regeneration. Vitamins C, B, and E are also contained in rice, and they all promote hair growth. Rice water can make your hair stronger, and when your hair is strong it can grow long. 

Rice Water Increases The Shine of Your Hair

Based on reports from people who have used rice water, it is believed to make dull hair shine. Rice water can significantly improve the shine of your hair, and ultimately improve the way you look. A shiny, healthy, and full mane is a beautiful sight to behold. 

Rice Water Reverses Hygral Fatigue

Hygral fatigue is a situation where there is too much moisture in the hair, thereby making it swell and unswell repeatedly, leading to damage. Hygral fatigue can lead to frizzy, brittle, or dull hair. Rice water can help balance the moisture in hair and make it so it is at the right level that is best for the health and appearance of your hair. Rice water can rebalance the moisture of your hair and keep it at normal levels. 

Rice Water Detangles Hair

Rice water can soften your hair strands, making it easier for you to detangle your hair without losing your hair or experiencing pain or unease. 

Rice Water Makes Hair Smooth

Rice water is rich in vitamins like vitamins B and E. With the use of rice water, you can make your hair smooth without using chemical products or products that will cause a build-up on your scalp. 

Fermented Rice Water

How Our Rice Water Is Made

Now that you know the benefits that rice water can offer, let’s dive into how we make the rice water we use in producing ourFermented Rice Water Shampoo andFermented Rice Water Conditioner BarAs we mentioned in the introduction, the potency of rice water is greatly affected by how it’s made. We make our rice water using the same recipe used by the Yao women of the Red Yao Tribe. 


  • Rice
  • Water
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Pomelo Peels (or peel of any other citrus fruit)
  • Fleece Flower Root

Longji Sticky Rice + Local Spring Water

We start the process by mixing Longji sticky rice with water sourced from the local spring. The Yao women specifically use water from the spring for better results and also use local rice sourced from a town called Longji. Longji Rice Terraces in Longsheng has one of the most beautiful rice terraces in the world. By specifically using the same ingredients used by the Yao women, we make sure our rice water is the real deal. The Longji sticky rice is rinsed in the local spring water and then strained into a pot. Only the rice water is used, the rice is discarded or repurposed. 

Fermented Rice Water

Fresh Herbs and Pomelo Peels From Longji

The next step involves boiling the rice water with ginger, fleece flower root, and Pomelo peels. The pomelo is a citrus fruit that is native to East Asia. All the herbs that go into the production of our rice water are organic and 100% natural. 

2 Weeks of Fermentation

After boiling, the resulting mixture is fermented for two weeks. After fermentation, then the rice water is ready, full of nutrients and goodies for healthy, shiny, and voluminous hair. And this is what we use in the production of all our rice water products.

1 Response


December 14, 2022

But they dont use ginger? They use chinese ginger which is alpinia zerumbet (better than minoxidil)

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